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Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Get ready for summer with Absolute Comfort’s 17 Point Air Conditioner Check and Tune-Up!

Technician inspecting an air conditioning unit during a tune-up

Get the Most Value From Your Heat Pump or Central Air Conditioner  Well operating heat pumps and air conditioners can be your best friends during the summer month, while, in contrast, a poorly operating system can be the cause of much heartache. Treat them well and keep them running at top efficiency, therefore, they’ll keep you cooler and more comfortable at a lower operating cost. You’ll also help prevent equipment failures, as a result, extend the life of your equipment. It’s that simple! The best way to ensure efficient operation of your central air conditioning unit is with a tune-up at the start of each cooling season, additionally, issues may be discovered before failure. A tune-up by a service expert can improve the efficiency of your unit by as much as 20 percent, as well as lengthen its performance life.  

We will Check:

Goodman Air Conditioner
  1. The operating pressure of the refrigerant
  2. The proper amount of refrigerant
  3. Temperature drop – an indoor unit
  4. Oil motor levels
  5. The voltage on all motors
  6. Controls
  7. Adjust a thermostat as needed
  8. Temperature rise – outdoor unit
  9. Clean outdoor unit & coil as needed
  10. The condensate drain is open
  11. Wiring & connections
  12. Amp draw on all motors
  13. Starting devices
  14. Adjust pulleys and belt as needed
  15. Safeties
  16. Complete operation of A/C
  17. Check filter

Only $79.50 + tax

*Additional parts or freon extra

testing new install

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