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Do You Want To Make Your Life A Little More Comfortable? (and save some time and money too?)

Do You Want To Make Your Life A Little More Comfortable? (and save some time and money too?)

Absolute Comfort offers a Preventative Maintenance Service Agreement that will help keep your HVAC system running properly through systematic inspection and maintenance.  Each agreement provides a Cooling Preventative Maintenance and a Heating Preventative Maintenance.  The cooling check is conducted in the spring and the heating check is in the fall.  Our trained Service Technicians will provide the service to you.

We will call you to set up each appointment, so you don’t have worry about remembering to call us.  Also, by having us come out ahead of time, you won’t get trapped in the heavy service call seasons trying to set up an appointment.

Why do we offer this service to you? It’s simple. We want to provide you with reduced operating costs, minimize costly repairs, extend useful equipment life, permit accurate budget planning, inflation protection, and to make sure that your equipment is maintained and inspected on a regular basis.  It also gives you “priority” status, a 10% discount on parts and materials, and we’ll let you transfer the agreement.

The Service Agreement can be written for as many systems you have on your property. (A system includes one furnace and one Air conditioning/heat pump.)  You can also include the cost of the necessary humidifier pads, humidifier service, and furnace filters that need to be changed.

This agreement does not include any additional parts (10% discount), refrigerant, taxes, and additional labor above the Maintenance Inspection.

So if this sounds great to you, give us a call today at 402-430-3959.   We’ll get the necessary paperwork to you.