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So Long R-22

So Long R-22 – Important Information For You

R-22, otherwise known as Freon, is on the way out.  It is being replaced by R-410A .   All production of R-22 will cease by 2020. We have seen a rapid price increase in the cost of R-22 all across the country. On average, the cost of Freon is now going close to $100 a pound.  The cost of R-410A has been getting cheaper as more systems are using it. If you have a R-22 system, the cost of recharging (adding a little extra to get it back up to operating pressure) is now going to become a major expense. A simple recharge of adding 1 to 2 pounds could cost $100 – $200 in freon alone, not including labor and other parts.  Plus, after 2020, the supplies will be rapidly depleted and become cost-prohibitive to buy it. It is going to be paramount if you have an R-22 system to make sure that you keep it well-maintained and make sure that all leaks are properly repaired.  It is quite common for us to get calls in the summer wanting us to come out and “add a little” to the system instead of repairing the leaks. The customer will comment that “we have you do it every year”.  Some calls require a whole new charge if all of the freon has leaked out. On average, systems require 5-10 pounds of freon to charge the system. (The cost of the freon for an R-22 system could cost close to $500 to $1000 for the refrigerant alone.) If you have an aging system and are thinking about a replacement, now is a great time to consider replacing your system with a R-410A system. These systems are more efficient and will save you money in the long run. The cost of Puron runs on average under $50 a pound. Please note, when switching to a 410 system, you will have to replace the coil and the outside unit as they operate under a much higher pressure that the R-22 systems. This higher pressure allows them to operate at a higher efficiency. If you have any questions, or would like a free estimate for a new, energy efficient R-410A system, contact us at 402-430-3959.  You can also request an estimate by visiting our website at: and fill out the online form.